Emily S. Kohler LMSW


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Emily’s practice is built on the belief that through strong and trusting relationships, change can occur.  Many of the clients that seek treatment with Emily identify struggles in the relationship between parent and child and seek to decrease behavioral and mental health challenges that interfere with healthy family structures. In addition, Emily specializes in supporting those in the prenatal, postpartum and early parenting stages of their relationship with their children as well as supporting parent’s own changing identities.  Areas of expertise in therapy include but are not limited to anxiety, depression, postpartum depression, behavioral challenges with children, struggles with attachment, trauma and emotional regulation as well as working toward helping individuals feel more connected within the family structure.

Emily comes to therapy with an Infant Mental Health lens. She supports the journey of reflecting on the past experiences as well as supporting changes to make a difference in the experience for individuals and families.  Building relationships, telling stories, and connecting with one another are ways in which Emily can be effective in helping to support a client’s goals.  In addition to utilizing concepts from parent child psychotherapy, Emily also utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy as well as mindfulness and play therapy techniques to supporting the client and therapeutic process.

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